Our Services

Our network of electrical contractors are all licensed experts. We are pleased to service your home or office for the following electrical needs and more:

Breakers and Panels – If you are experiencing frequent breaker trips, there is a problem in your electrical system and this should be fixed promptly to avoid a hazard. All Services Electrical will troubleshoot the issue to ensure safety.

Arc-Fault Breakers – These breakers are a safety mechanisms designed to trip when unsafe arching occurs. An example of unsafe arching is commonly found in older homes where corrosion or loose connections cause electrical fires.

Generators– Looking to install a new generator? Our licensed electricians can perform the job and help you maintain energy in case of power outage.systems while complying with inspection codes.

Electrical Meters – Sometimes additions and renovations to a home or business require relocating the electrical meter. This should only be performed by a licensed electrician.

Light Switches -– All Services Electrical will remove, relocate or add light switches anywhere you specify in your home or business. We supply the expertise and the material, including light dimmers and other types of switches.

Lighting & Fans – Installing or servicing these items often require live wires, which should be handled by someone with electrical experience. Call us today and we’ll have one of our licensed electricians properly handle the lighting or ceiling fans in your home or business.

Outlets: Electrical, Data & Phone – Looking to add, remove or relocate outlets within your home? All Services Electricians have the tools necessary for providing outlets in the area of your choice. Eliminate the 3-way splitters and power strips connecting your computers, appliances, TVs, chargers, phones, etc. Plugging straight into the wall is more convenient and safe.

Appliances– Sometimes installing a new appliance becomes a problem when the outlet is not available or there is not enough power in existing outlets. This requires installing a new circuit. This job should only be performed by a licensed electrician.